Eggs on Toast - £4.50

 Poached free range eggs, sourdough, organic butter, chives, pink peppercorns. (v)

Add smoked streaky bacon for £2.00. 

(ask for gf)


Yogurt & Granola - £5.00

Green style yogurt, house granola, banana, raspberry compote, pure maple syrup, chia seeds, mint.



Bacon Sandwich - £5.00

Smokes streaky bacon, sourdough, organic butter, chives, nigella seeds.

Add fried egg for £1.00


Fried Porridge - £8.50

House porridge, lemon curd, Chantilly cream, raspberry compote, shortbread, blueberries, toasted flaked almonds, chia seeds, lemon balm. (v/gf)


Tomato Soup - £5.50

Slow roasted vine tomator, garlic, basil and thyme soup, sun-dried tomato, garlic onion crumb, sourdugh, organic butter. (v)

(ask for vegan/ask for gf)


Burrito - £7.50

Flour tortilla, house guacamole, basmati rice, house refried beans, lemon chicory, pickled red onions, pepitas, lime, coriander. (vgn)

(ask for gf)


Fried Egg Sandwich - £8.00

Crispy fried egg, sourdough, house avo pesto, portobello mushroom, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, crispy shallots, nigella seeds, chives. (v)

Go Vegan - Swap fried egg for vegan feta cheese. (vgn)


Greek Oats - £8.00

Vanilla and thyme infused Greek yogurt, house granola, apricots, dates, toasted walnuts, flaked almonds, fennel seeds, chia seeds, honey, pomegranate molasses, lemon balm. (v/gf)

(contains nuts, ask for vegan)


Mexican Avocado - £8.50

House guacamole, sourdough, pickled red onions, pepitas, chilli, lime and coriander. (vgn)

Add 2 poached eggs for £2.00 (v)

Add chorizo for £2.50

(ask for gf)


Italian Avocado - £9.00

House avo pesto, walnuts, sourdough, nutritional yeast, toasted pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, basil, lemon, balsamic glaze. (vgn)

Add 2 poached eggs for £2.00 (v)

Add Parma ham for £2.50

(ask for gf)


Bacon & Eggs - £9.00

Grilled bacon chops, fried free range eggs, dressed pea shoots, crispy shallots, sourdough, organic butter, brown sauce, chives.

(ask for gf)


Turkish Eggs - £9.50

Smoked yoghurt, poached free range eggs, garlic, lemon, Aleppo pepper butter, apricot chilli  dukkah, Arabic flatbread, coriander, dill. (v)

(contains nuts, ask for gf)


French Toast - £12.00

Caramelised cinnamon sourdough, smoked streaky bacon, fried banana, blueberries, Chantilly cream, toasted pecans, pure maple syrup, chives, mint.

(contains nuts)




Espresso £2.50

Macchiato £2.80

Cortado/piccolo £3.00

Long black/Americano £3.45

Cappuccino/Latte £3.70

Filter – Batch Brew 250ml £3.50

500ml £5.50

Filter – Pour over 200ml £3.45

400ml £6.30

Nitro Cold Brew £3.45


We roast our own coffee for House Filter and is currently a beautiful Colombian microlot.

“Uncle Joe’s Blend” is our house espresso roasted by Has Bean Coffee.

We always have at least 3 coffees to choose from for either filter or espresso, please ask a server for more information.



Mothers brew – House blend £2.30

English breakfast £2.30

Green Tea £3.45

Earl Grey £3.45

Lemon verbena £3.45

French Peppermint £3.45


Hot Chocolate £3.45

Mocha £4.60


Soft Drinks

Bottled water £1.40

Diet coke/coke zero £2.05

Coca Cola £2.30

Appletiser £2.05

40 Kola £2.90

40 Lemon and Lime £2.90

San Pellegrino £2.05

- Orange

- Blood orange

- Pomegranate and orange

- Grapefruit

- Lemon and mint

- Lemon

Fentimans £2.90

  • Rose lemonade
  • Elderflower
  • Cherry cola
  • Ginger beer
  • Dandelion and burdock

Frobishers press juice £2.90

  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Cranberry

Remedy Kombucha £2.90

  • Raspberry lemonade
  • Cherry plum
  • Ginger lemon

Firefly ice tea £2.90

  • Peach and green tea
  • Lemon, lime and ginger
  • Kiwi, lime and mint



Nutella brownie £3.00

Salted caramel brownie £3.00

Lemon blondie £3.00

Lemon Drizzle (gf) £3.00