Newcastle Latte Art Competition

£1000 prize money sponsored by iZettle

Join us at Flat Caps Coffee on Saturday, June 22nd for Newcastle’s latte art competition. Competitors will battle it out to win £1,000 with all entry fees and money raised going to our chosen charity Chicchi di Cafe.

 Anyone can enter whether you’re a professional barista or home enthusiast, the purpose of the competitor is to bring the coffee community together and have a fun day with one person walking away with a cool £1,000 in their pocket.

22nd June @ Flat Caps Coffee

Only 16 spaces available

£20 entry fee will be donated to charity 

We’ve SOLD OUT – join the waiting list… 

We released 16 places for the competition at 9 am this 31st May and they have been taken already. Please join our waitlist below, if we have significant interest we will increase the competition to 32 places.  

The competition begins in…

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We’re proudly working in association with our partners: Hasbean (providing the coffee and equipment) Lantern Rouge (providing a fantastic range of Belgian beers) and Organic Acorn Dairy (providing the milk for the competition!) 

Terms & Conditions

– Anyone can enter regardless of skill level. 
– The competition is designed to be a fun, interactive tool for the community to get together and celebrate what Newcastle has to offer with our coffee scene.
– Only one space per person.
– Entry is £20 and entrants who drop out won’t be refunded and their space will be given to the next person on the waiting list. Your place cannot be substituted by a friend or colleague to enter in your place.
 – Prize money will be given to the winner by our sponsors iZettle. This is £1,000 for 1st place.
– Entrants who want to practise with the milk will be able to contact Acorn Dairy and be sent samples direct from them. Once you’ve entered we will send you the contact details of the person you need to speak to.
– We are aiming to have the competition between the hours of 4pm and 7pm. Times may overrun so please allow for this.
– Each round will be a 1 v 1 knockout.
– The espresso will be poured for you but you will steam your own milk. Milk must be steamed and poured at the same time as the other competitor. Not pouring at the same time may result in disqualification.
– We will be using latte art dice to decide the design for each round.
– Three judges will choose their favourite between the two competitors and will not know which competitor poured which drink.
– The competitor who poured the drink with the most votes will progress to the next round.
– Respect must be given to all competitors and judges at all times. 
– 16 spaces will be available but we may increase this if demand is high enough.